Costs, Benefits and Savings

How can an AIOA adviser or consultant help you avoid expensive mistakes?



You are a one-time customer. Major organ work is required only once in a generation or less. A professional adviser is going to be around advising on future organs elsewhere. An organ builder with care for his or her reputation will ensure the adviser is satisfied with the work on your instrument.


Organ building is a very personal craft and an accredited professional adviser has national knowledge of the qualities and specialities of many organ builders. In this way, they can help you obtain the services of the best relevant craftsmen.

Payment Management

An accredited adviser will have the expertise to judge whether requests for stage payments on incomplete work are justified and whether the work is satisfactorily completed.


Being independent, a professional AIOA adviser can judge whether suggested work is really necessary and can advise against unnecessary or ill-advised work.

Fabric Considerations

An accredited AIOA adviser or consultant has the range of experience to take account of architectural and acoustical factors as well as musical ones.

The Cost of an AIOA Adviser

How much will the services of an accredited can an AIOA adviser or consultant actually be?

There is no fixed rate. Each Adviser may charge an hourly rate, a fixed fee, or a percentage of the total cost of the work on a project by project basis, as may be agreed with you. AIOA advisers' fees are normally well below those charged by architects and represent a very small proportion of the cost of a project. In fact it is not uncommon for the advice given (such as in relation to VAT) to save more than the cost of the fee.