Complaints Against a Member

In the first instance, any complaint should be made by email to the following address:, clarifying the exact nature of concern.

The scope of inquiry will be established at an early stage and the complainant will be asked if they have discussed the matter with the AIOA member concerned prior to making the complaint. Typically this will be regarded as a pre-requisite to proceed unless in exceptional or sensitive circumstances.

Primary principles involved will be to establish whether both parties have sought an informal resolution and whether the complaint is of an ethical or technical nature. If technical, then both parties should settle the matter between themselves and not through this service.

Complaints of an ethical nature (i.e. where the actions of a member brings the AIOA into disrepute, or that a member is negligent in respect of the published duties of an AIOA member) will be received. With the above pre-requisites being met or, in case of breakdown between parties, the following process will be followed:


Step One

The complainant will be notified of the member, or members who will be impartially investigating their complaint for correspondence and with confirmation of complete confidentiality between parties at all times.

Step Two

The complainant will be asked to identify his or her desired outcomes.

Step Three

Both parties (and any relevant third-party) will be given the opportunity to make a written representation. The investigating member(s) will endeavour to give an approximate times scale for resolution.

Step Four

The investigating member(s) will then conduct a thorough and impartial review, possibly consulting with other members previously unconnected with the contract. At all times an during this process an informal resolution between parties will be possible and actively encouraged.

Step Five

At the conclusion of the review, both parties will be contacted in writing with the investigating member(s) findings and recommendations, the precise form of which will then be agreed by both parties in order to proceed to resolution..

Further Action

If a complaint is upheld, and is of sufficient concern, then the AIOA member may receive a written warning relating to their membership of the association. In extreme circumstances a member may be expelled from the association. Any suspected matter of criminality will be reported to the police.

Please Note:

The emphasis of any outcome will be toward resolution, however the outcome, successful or otherwise, does not affect the complainant's statutory rights. Nor may any party compromise the independence of the AIOA in any such process.