Scope of Work

The Role of an AIOA adviser or consultant is to assist clients to obtain organs appropriate to their needs and to ensure that organ builders are given due opportunity to fulfill these needs.

If engaged, an AIOA adviser may, if required, advise a client about some or all of the following areas.


The drawing up of an initial brief for the organ, in consultation with the client and in relation to architecture, acoustics, liturgical function (where applicable), musical requirements and future maintenance.

Conservation issues which may arise in connection with the reconstruction, renovation, restoration or replacement of an existing organ and/or its case.

The choice of organ builder.

The obtaining of initial quotations.

The relative merits of tenders received.

Where applicable the layout and design of the organ.

Aspects of the detailed design, contractual arrangements between client and organ builder, and work schedules.

The progress of work by the selected organ builder in the workshop and on site.

Acceptance of the completed organ.

The continuing maintenance and insurance of the organ.

Please Note:

The precise duties of the adviser may be the subject of an exchange of letters or emails between the adviser and the client. The adviser will undertake to act with impartiality and without any financial or commercial interest in any organ building firm. Decisions taken on advice are the responsibility of the client. While the adviser will take reasonable care to ensure that the work is of appropriate quality, the adviser will not accept responsibility for defective work or unsatisfactory conduct on the part of the organ builder.