Scrutiny Procedures for Prospective Members

Upon seeking membership, every accredited adviser has had to convince his or her peers that he has the knowledge and experience to:


Step One

Prospective members should send an email to to identify themselves.

Step Two

They will then be asked for information about projects which will be the basis of their application for accreditation, together with any supporting documentation.

Step Three

Arrangements will then be made for a member of the Association to receive the documentation and possibly to visit the instrument(s) in question.

Step Four

The scrutineer and the scrutinee will then agree a joint statement (or referral back) to the membership committee.

Step Five

If appropriate, the organ builder(s) involved in a particular project may be contacted for any clarifications.

If the application is successful ...

... the new member should prepare a digest of his/her personal and professional details (not more than one side of A4) which may be sent to interested enquirers and published on this website. Subjects covered in this document should include:

  • Types of project undertaken
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Positions
  • List of projects undertaken
  • Publications
  • Address, etc.

The test to be applied to assess the suitability of an applicant will be a demonstration of the satisfactory execution, in at least one instrument, of the agreed responsibilities of an AIOA-accredited adviser/consultant, as outined in the section on qualifications.