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Scrutiny procedures for prospective members

  • Prospective members should send an email via the “Send message” button to identify themselves.

  • They will then be asked for information about projects which will be the basis of their application for accreditation, together with any supporting documentation.

  • Arrangements will then be made for a member of the Association to receive the documentation and possibly to visit the instrument(s) in question.

  • The scrutineer and the scrutinee will then agree a joint statement (or referral back) to the committee.

  • It may also be appropriate to contact the organbuilder(s) involved in a particular project.

  • If the application is successful, the new member should prepare a digest of his/her personal and professional details (not more than one side of A4) which may be sent to interested enquirers. Headings covered in this document should include:

Types of project undertaken                Qualifications and experience   Positions                                              List of projects undertaken      Publications                                          Address, etc.

The test to be applied to assess the suitability of an applicant will be a demonstration of the satisfactory execution, in at least one instrument, of the agreed responsibilities of an AIOA-accredited adviser/consultant, as outined in the section on qualifications.